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      【Quality, commitment, high efficiency, and innovation】


      High standards, high standards of international certification

      The company has passed quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, EICC audit, and in accordance with the quality management system requirements, to build quality assurance system;


      Improve the quality assurance system, to provide customers with excellent products and services;

      Adhere to the "quality, commitment, high efficiency, innovation," the quality policy, continuous improvement of quality, delivery, cost, to provide excellent products and services for global customers;


      Innovative design, lean manufacturing

      Companies to encourage scientific and technological innovation, with the enterprise technology R & D center, the completion of the industry - class laboratories, and firmly grasp the core technology products, and has a number of utility model patents.


      Innovative personnel training mechanism, optimize the development strategy of talents

      The company now has more than 20 senior professional and technical personnel, adhere to the "talents achievements, talent pool" with the enterprise talent development strategy, innovative talent training mechanism, the construction of first-class talents, build the core competitiveness of enterprises.


      Founded in 2012 in Zhongshan City Daguan Electric Co. Ltd., is located in the "Chinese home village" -- Zhongshan City, is a focus on the kitchen appliances R &amp; D and production as one of the household electrical appliance enterprises.

      Contact us


      Zhongshan DAGUAN Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

      Address:Phase 1 workshop, building F, No.7 economic cooperative, village 1, Jianquan Road, Huangpu town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

      Tel: 0760-86917120


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